Happy Thanksgiving!

The house is sparkling, the table is set, the last dash to the food market is OVER, the pies are baked, the stuffing is mixed, the “bird” awaits its destiny, and there is a delicious aroma of cornbread coming from the oven.  The family is coming from yonder and afar, and we are waiting with open arms.

If you are the host, Thanksgiving dinner is a lot of work, to be sure.  But, it is worth it because it is the one day a year when we collectively pause to reflect on our blessings.  As the host, you can orchestrate an emphasis on the “thanks” in Thanksgiving — what makes our lives better, and who we simply would not want to live without.  I hope you take time out for that reflection this year.  I know I will.

Once we are gathered at the table and just after the toast to our good fortune of being together another year — and before I raise my fork as a signal that the salad course is officially served — I will lead the conversation about being thankful.  I consider myself to be very fortunate, so I could go on and on and on.  But, in short order, eyes would start to roll accompanied by not-so-subtle side glances between hungry guests, so I will keep it short.  Here is what I will say I am thankful for:

  • My family — including my 101 year old Mom who still recognizes me and laughs at my jokes;
  • That my 46-year marriage to a wonderful man is about to take yet another turn along an ever exciting and eventful path;
  • That our children have the best educations that my husband and I possibly could have provided them and that they value learning and service;
  • That I live in a country where diversity is celebrated and where people are free to express their opinions;
  • That, in this country, we believe in the rule of law and a peaceful transfer of power;
  • That women are on the rise as leaders across the globe and that more women were elected to the United States Congress in the 2016 election than ever before in the history of our nation; and
  • That hope springs eternal in the United States of America that we always will pull together and resolve our differences for the good of the people and the nation.

Well …. maybe I will leave some of that out to avoid an insurrection at the table!  But, it will be on my mind and in my heart.

And, I am thankful for YOU — the faithful followers of Best Friends at the Bar.  You keep me interested and ever vigilant for opportunities to make your careers in the law manageable, fulfilling and successful.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your team.

Pick up your fork, Susan, dinner is served!

What are you thankful for?

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