The Book

Susan Smith Blakely’s books are THE books for young women lawyers, but it is just the beginning. She is a dynamic public speaker on the issues challenging young women in law practice today, she counsels young women lawyers and law firm partners on issues of retaining talent, and she provides individual and small group career counseling for young women law students and lawyers. The Best Friends at the Bar project is one of a kind and is making a great contribution to the profession of law.

Perfect For

Law students who take the time to plan for the futures they want have much better chances of reaching their goals. Best Friends at the Bar is a tremendous resource for women law students and provides a roadmap for making good choices about issues that will affect their careers for years to come.

Recent law school graduates face challenging transitions, significant uncertainty starting out in their careers, and pressure to create fulfilling lives and careers that will sustain them for years to come.

Many women want to get into a great law school, but still aren’t sure about the best ways to prepare. You may be one of those women. Best Friends at the Bar contains a wealth of information to help you make good choices for your future early on.

Best Friends at the Bar: What Women Need to Know about a Career in the Law, provides a realistic overview of the challenges facing women in the law as well as detailed guidance and solutions to empower students while supporting law career counselors as they fulfill their responsibilities.

The Reviews

Susan is a rare breed in our industry -- she not only talks about the challenges facing women, but she takes action to solve them. Her tireless pursuit and desire to create gender parity in law firms is unmatched. Her newest book, Top-Down Leadership for Women Lawyers, is a guide for both women lawyers and law firm leaders who share her passion -- personally and professionally -- for women's advancement in the legal industry.

Caren Ulrich Stacy
Founder, Legal Talent Lab & OnRamp Fellowship

Susan Blakely wants to make success easier for today’s women lawyers. She understands work-life struggles and the challenge of being part of a male-dominated profession, and she refuses to accept the inevitability of very low retention rates for women lawyers. She has taken on the challenge in an impressive way… and she readily admits that she is on a mission.

from Foreword by Dean Judith Areen
Georgetown University Law Center

What if you could gather 60+ smart, seasoned women attorneys in one room, and ask them about all your professional conflicts, questions and concerns? That's what reading Best Friends at the Bar is like. Author (and former law firm partner) Susan Smith Blakely has gathered an extraordinary group of women and men for a no-nonsense, yet inspiring, look at what practicing law is really like for today's women. Any woman who's thinking about (or navigating) a legal career can benefit from the wisdom in this book

Jezra Kaye
Be Your Own Advocate

Susan Blakely catches the zeitgeist in the legal profession; she has a knack for providing hard-headed advice and uplift, a tricky balance that she pulls off in style. I have had many of my students sing her praises, and her books are valuable resources for them and for women lawyers at all stages of their careers for years to come.

David Logan
Professor and Former Dean, Roger Williams University Law School

Best Friends at the Bar: What Women Need to Know about a Career in the Law sets the bar high with an easy, practical format. This is a timely, insightful read, replete with sound and practical advice for every law student, associate and partner.