Best Friends at the Bar on Hiatus

Each year I take the month of August away from Best Friends at the Bar to devote my time to family and friends.  This year my hiatus will be earlier than in the past.  I will take the month of June to do what I have missed for these long months of isolation and embrace a wonderful and joyous new experience.

The thing I have missed the most during the coronavirus pandemic is seeing my children.  This is the longest I have gone without seeing my son and my daughter since they came into my life.  I will turn the corner on that longing this month.

This month I also will see my new-born granddaughter for the first time.  After my husband and I have isolated continuously for two weeks, have tested negative for COVID-19, and have had the whooping cough vaccination, we will be certified infection free and can hit the road to see baby.  She is a little miracle, and I can’t wait to meet her!

I will be back on the job in July, and I hope that things will be improved with the pandemic at that time and that my readers will have better stories to tell.  I hope that recent law graduates will have more information about bar exams and positive prospects for jobs.  I hope that lawyers will be less anxious about furloughs and terminations and that firms will have made good decisions related to reductions in forces.  I hope that women lawyers will not have suffered disparate impacts of these policies.  And I hope that the economy will be improved to the point of giving all of us the financial security we need.  And I hope our cities will no longer be burning and that the causes of unrest will be adequately addressed with the promise for a better tomorrow.

Most of all I hope that all of you will stay healthy, make good decisions about your personal safety and look forward not backward.  I hope that you are able to enjoy the beginning of summer as much as possible with the assurance that this too shall pass.

If you have a question or comment or anything I can help you with during my time away, please contact me at [email protected].  I always will get back to you.


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