What Women Should Look For in a Law Firm

For you third-year law students, soon your biggest challenge will be finding a job after graduation.  That seems daunting, I know, especially in these economic times, but your hard work will pay off and soon you will be looking critically at firms and other employers and evaluating them for your future needs.

When you are considering that job offer—and you will be—here are some suggestions about what should be important to women lawyers in the workplace.  The information is directed to the law firm employer, but it could just as well be a judicial clerkship or another practice type.

Every time I share this information with the students I speak to at law schools, they urged me to put it on my web site so that they will be able to access it easily when they need it.  So, here it is. CONTINUE READING >

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Networking Your Way to Success as Women Law Students and Prelaw Students

I recently attended a Prelaw Advisors Conference in Las Vegas at UNLV Law School.  The conference was sponsored by the Western Association of PreLaw Advisors (WAPLA), a subgroup of the National Association of Prelaw Advisors (NAPLA).  Because my book includes so much information for undergraduate women who are considering law school, this is a great market that I am just beginning to tap.  Not only did I sell some books at the conference, I also found that the pre-law advisors who attended are a very caring group.  They spend a lot of time thinking about their students and making sure that they are giving them good advise about their futures.

One of these advisors, Professor Eileen Crane of Utah Valley University, particularly impressed me.  Her program is called Connected Lawyers are Happy Lawyers, and I want you to know about it and use it to your best advantage.  Professor Crane was generous and gave me permission to tell you about it.  That’s how much she cares about the future of today’s undergraduate and law students.

The program is simple but has the potential to be very effective. The objective is to put students interested in law careers in touch with practitioners so that the students can learn more about the actual practice of law.  That should help them to make better decisions when it comes to going to law school and will help them avoid the default decision to attend law school because they cannot think of anything else to do after graduation from college.  The more practicing lawyers they meet, the better chance they will have of going to law school for the right reasons. CONTINUE READING >

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