Consulting Services for Law Firms: Raising Women’s Retention Rates

Consulting Services to Raise Retention Rates for Women in the Law

As a former practitioner at all levels of law firm practice, Ms. Blakely understands the challenges facing law firms in the 21st century and addresses the mutual best interests of lawyers, law firms, and the profession as an integral part of her consulting services. Improving retention rates for women lawyers increasingly requires developing new approaches to work-life balance that benefit the firm and the lawyers themselves. In her consulting practice, Susan identifies ways that your firm can support diversity and meet the challenges of cultural change in beneficial ways.

Ms. Blakely honors the profession and the status quo even as she seeks to offer new perspectives and approaches in her book and consulting services. Starting from today’s realities, she offers compelling incentives for change—especially in terms of increasing retention rates for women in the law. When the opportunity exists to support women, improve performance and work, and benefit the firm, it makes little sense to continue defining success or practice in narrow ways. A fulfilling career can encompass work-life balance, opportunity for advancement, and a commitment to excellence. Ms. Blakely’s approach to managing young lawyers in changing social and economic times can benefit your firm’s productivity and morale.

Ms. Blakely’s consulting services include:

  • Speaking at law firms and law firm retreats about insights from her groundbreaking Best Friends at the Bar book series — including her Multi-session Program to supplement law firm Women’s Initiatives;
  • Coaching young women lawyers in your firm on work-life balance, managing expectations, and making decisions that lead to successful careers;
  • Working with your diversity team or women’s initiative to create a supportive, productive environment for the talented young women lawyers your firm has already invested in.

With Ms. Blakely’s consulting services, your firm can successfully raise retention rates for young women lawyers and implement policy that supports work-life balance while strengthening your law firm and benefiting all of your lawyers too.

Contact Susan to explore a program that works for your firm.  There are so many possibilities with the Multi-session Program to supplement law firm Women’s Initiatives.  Designed as a year-long program, the sessions can be tailored to the needs of your law firm and presented on a time table that works best for your lawyers.  The subjects for this program include:

Session One: Developing Effective Leaders to Meet the Special Challenges for Women Lawyers;
Session Two: Owning Your Career;
Session Three: Achieving Both Commitment to Career and Balance Between Personal and Professional Lives;
Session Four: The Importance of Networking and Client Development; and
Session Five: Looking Back and Moving Forward to Successful and Satisfying Careers.

This program is what your law firm needs to assure that it is protecting the talent that women lawyers represent and educating ALL lawyers in the firm about the challenges to women lawyers and how to address and help overcome those challenges —for the sake of the women lawyers, the law firm, and the law profession.