5 New Office Rules For Young Women Lawyers

I am a big fan of MSNBC’s Morning Joe show.  I like the treatment of the news, the vigorous debate, the quality of guests on the show and the hosts.  Joe Scarborough can get on my nerves from time to time, but I feel an affinity for Mika Brzezinski because she is from my area of Northern Virginia, and I have a connection to her family.

After completing a project during my public service days, I was treated to a very interesting evening of Russian caviar and vodka in the Brzezinski home by the charming Emilie and Zbigniew Brzezinski—but that is a story for another time and place!  As you probably know, Zbigniew is the former National Security Advisor to President Carter.  But, you may not know that Emilie is a formidable sculpture artist, whose artistic tool of choice is a chain saw!  I told you it was interesting.  I first saw her work in the University of Virginia Art Museum when I was in Charlottesville visiting my kids at UVA and needed a moment of silence.  Her work is amazing and very inspirational.

Now, Mika, the product of these two wonderful and accomplished people, has gone on to become a household name and has written a book, Knowing Your Value—Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth (Weinstein Books, 2011).  A recent edition of Cosmopolitan magazine featured Mika on the cover and included five tips from her book that you need to know:

1.  Don’t be afraid to piss people off;

2.  Brag about your accomplishments first.  Then ask for a raise;

3.  Keep your friends close…And leave your co-workers at the office;

4.  Remember business is business.  It’s not personal; and

5.  Make yourself visible (and not just by wearing something red).

It is a good read, even though you may not agree with everything that Mika has to say.  Certainly, Joe does not!

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