Women Lawyers Listen Up—More Wisdom From Sheryl Sandberg

By now you know that I recommend just about everything that Sheryl Sandberg says.  She is the ultra savvy former exec with Google and the current exec with Facebook.   About five years ago, Sheryl Sandberg went out on a limb and started to talk about women succeeding in business—-about the same time that I was writing my book for young women lawyers.  There is so much overlap to our themes, and it is no wonder I feel akin to her messages.  So, I share them with you as often as possible.

Ms. Sandberg had yet more words of wisdom in a recent speech at a huge celebration for women in technology, as covered in The Grindstone, http://thegrindstone.com/role-models/video-sheryl-sandberg-says-its-east-to-dislike-the-senior-women-out-there-477.  As usual, she said a lot that matters a lot.  Here are five key recommendations for women who want to get ahead in business and become leaders.  (Recall, of course, that law is business.  Oh, yes it is!)1.  Believe in Yourself.  Give up the feeling that you are fooling people and that you are not as competent as you appear to be.  Women typically underestimate themselves.  Do NOT do that!  You do not accomplish things that you do not set out to accomplish!

2.  Dream big.  There is an ambition gap in this country that is causing an achievement gap, and studies show that men typically are more ambitious than women.  This must change, and women must become ambitious for themselves and for the next generation.  There are prices to pay for dreaming big and achieving as a woman.  One price is likeability.  It is easy for men and women to dislike the few women in leadership positions, and that is a hard tradeoff for women because they generally want to be liked.  However, we must dream big no matter what.

3.  Make your partner a real partner.  Having a supportive spouse is the most important contributor to your success as a business woman, wife and mother.  Let your husband put the diaper on any way he wants to as long as he puts it on!  Cut your losses and see the forest for the trees.

4.  Don’t leave before you leave.  See my earlier blog on this.  https://bestfriendsatthebar.com/young-women-la…fore-you-leave/.

5.  Start talking about this to women and men whenever you can.  Ask yourself the question that is written on the walls at Facebook:  What would you do if you were not afraid?

So, there you have it.  Think about it.  Come back to it.  Make it a part of you and your success.  You could be the next Sheryl Sandberg among women lawyers.  Wouldn’t that just be fine!

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