My Recent Article in the ABA Journal: Lessons from the Pandemic

This pandemic has challenged the law profession in many ways.  As disruptive as it has been, there are important lessons that law firm leaders can learn from the COVID-19 experience to positively shape the future of their organizations.

Associate lawyers and young partners also can use these lessons to prepare themselves to be effective leaders in a legal world that is rapidly changing.

Learn things like:

  • The”face time”myth is exposed;
  • The telecommuting debate is over;
  • The team approach is being recognized for its true value;
  • What have become “women’s issues” will now be recognized as issues affecting all the workforce;
  • Five ways for law firm leaders to be on the right side of the values challenge; and much MORE.

It may seem like an odd proposition, but we must recognize that most challenges present opportunities to positively shape the future.  The coronavirus challenge is no different.  The lessons law firms take from the way business is being done at this time may determine the true value of the organization for years to come.

Read my recent article in the ABA Journal:

Be an effective law firm leader or learn how to become one.  It is up to all of us to grab the brass ring!

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