Tips For Being A Succesful Woman Lawyer

I have included information about becoming a successful woman lawyer in several books in the Best Friends at the Bar series and in earlier blogs on this website and in the almost 100 programs I have presented on the subject. However, from time to time, I want you to hear it from other sources.

Although it is true that the advice from most senior women lawyers includes common themes, there is often an anecdotal aspect to some writer’s information that is helpful and may resonate best with you. Here is one such source.

Mary Resnik’s approach is to use your skills to stand up for your clients by standing up for yourself. She was not afraid to take on challenges, especially as they related to the Old Boys Clubs. Her advice is straight forward and practical and will help you to prepare yourself for success and avoid the pitfalls that inevitably will stand in your way.

As with any advice, you need to massage it a bit to make it work for you. Tailor it to your own personality, your own professional setting, and your own personal circumstances. One size does not necessarily fit all, but all information is useful. And the more perspectives you consider, the greater the possibility that you will find what works best for YOU.

Good luck in the pursuit of your own special brand of success.

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