Thought For the Day–Honor a Veteran

Today is Memorial Day, and I hope that you all will take a moment to thank someone who served or is serving in our Armed Forces.  I don’t really have to go far out of my way to do that.  My husband served during the Vietnam Conflict, and my father served during WWII.  This was honorable service, but there is a great deal of sacrifice that comes with this honor, and we all need to acknowledge it.  For my father, an Army officer who served in England and Western Europe for almost three years, it was not seeing his firstborn child until that little boy was more than two years old.  For my husband, a marine aviator for who served for more than six years, it was being part of an unpopular war and falling far behind his peers in civilian life.  Every veteran has a story very similar to these.

They do their jobs, now let’s do ours by honoring them and thanking them for what they do to protect us and our freedom.

Happy Memorial Day!

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