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All That Appears Helpful …. Well You Know The Rest

Ah, the age of technology.  There are so many “aids” out there in the ether to make the lives of legal practitioners easier, and it is so hard to keep up.  One of those new wave programs in particular caught my eye this week.  Lawnext.com has a new legal dashboard program that gives law firm partners a “snapshot view” of  all activity across matters and associates. 

Sounds promising and efficient, doesn’t it?  Associates and partners in constant, on-demand contact re legal matters, schedules, etc, including how busy associates are.  It all boils down to numbers, and there is no personal contact to get in the way of all that efficiency.  AND the presumption could be that it benefits associates to make sure that they are busy, as partners know they want to be.

Is that the way it sounds to you?  Cuz it sounds a little too Big Brother to me.  It sounds a little too intrusive with the potential to promote insecurity and competition.  But, then, I admit to have started out in practice before computers managed EVERYTHING.  Before people in adjoining offices e-mailed each other instead of speaking.  Before texting was a form of professional communication. Before computers tracked when lawyers were actively engaged in work.  And, as a lawyer, writer and communicator, there are some things about the good old days that I miss —- as well as a lot that I do not.

Although I understand progress, I also understand the importance of human elements in personal service industries.  I understand how critical it is to experience your audience in a personal way and evaluate your performance based on how you are being perceived and received.  I particularly understand how such personal evaluation relates to the ability to engage new clients and new matters and be persuasive in the courtroom and the boardroom.

So, are we throwing some of the babies out with the bathwater with this new-age approach?  Make up your own mind.

Maybe the most obvious Artificial Intelligence is not all you have to worry about.


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Happy New Year!

It is the time for resolutions and new opportunities. I hope that all of my readers will take advantage of this time to reflect and consider the possibilities for the future.

As for me, I have made the oh-so-predictable commitment to an improved exercise program and the not-so-predictable dedication to a new book that has been in my head for a while. This new book is an expansion of some of the themes of the last book with a special emphasis on what young women lawyers really need to survive in their professions and recommendations for employers to improve retention figures. It is my way of continuing to try to help so many of you who I know do not have enough time in your busy days as young lawyers and law students to help yourselves with these important issues. It is my pleasure to do this, and I hope that my work can continue to make a difference. You are buying my books and reading my books, and you motivate me. Thanks for the support. CONTINUE READING >

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Being Thankful

Welcome to my web site and to my inaugural blog! I think that it is appropriate to get this started during the Thanksgiving week. I have a lot to be thankful for—especially an editor and a publisher who believed in me and my book—Best Friends at the Bar: What Women Need to Know about a Career in the Law— and readers who are helping to convince the publisher that taking a chance on me was not a bad thing. I am thankful for the more than 60 contributors who have made it possible for you to have a mentoring book of this quality to guide you in your career choices. Bravo! to all of those women lawyers and judges—and a few men—who have made that important commitment to you.

And of course I am thankful for all of you who have read the book and recommended it to your friends. Keep those sales figures up so that I get to the next book with the blessing of my publisher.

Thanks also to your law schools, law firm employers and law organizations that have booked me to speak in the past and in the future. I really love to make these connections with young women law students and lawyers, and getting the word out that women are in control of their careers is my mission. I am thankful to all of the Best Friends at the Bar who help me spread that message. CONTINUE READING >

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