New Lawyer Launch is OUT!

My new book, New Lawyer Launch:  The Handbook for Young Lawyers (Full Court Press, 2022), is out!  New Lawyer Launch is available in paperback, PDF, ebook and Kindle on Amazon and on the publisher’s book page at where you can view the book and see inside.  It is the support young lawyers need to help them  succeed.  

New Lawyer Launch is a tutorial on practical skills, stress management, and achieving the job satisfaction that is very much at risk for young lawyers today.  It will reduce the guess work and give entry-level lawyers the confidence they need to do the job they have chosen.

I am joined in the book by more than 15 Book Contributors, including leaders of Biglaw, who shared their best advice for young lawyers. In addition to “Strategies for Success and Survival,” the book includes information about law practice settings, legal specialties, and related careers.

Topics addressed in the book include:

  • What it means to be a professional and what kind of behavior is expected of lawyers, including a plea for civil discourse;
  • Making a strong first impression and getting off to a positive start;
  • Being respectful to the staff;
  • Being sensitive to office politics;
  • Mastering the art of billing hours and tracking business expenses;
  • Being careful with social media;
  • Controlling tempers;
  • Protecting work product;
  • Steering clear of toxic colleagues;
  • Respecting deadlines and setting boundaries;
  • Being effective team members;
  • Being competent at self-advocacy and networking and understanding the concepts behind business development;
  • Developing leadership skills;
  • Learning law firm economics;
  • Paying attention to work-life balance and wellness; and
  • Avoiding overspending to keep options open.

Everything that young lawyers and law students need to know —- that is not taught in law school — is in this book.  It also can be used effectively by senior lawyers to develop successful mentoring programs.

Order your copies today to support the young lawyers in your life.  Make it required reading for law school Professional Responsibility classes, include it in the welcome baskets for new associates, and make it available to mentors.

EVERYBODY WINS with this book.  Young lawyers do their jobs better and to greater satisfaction, and senior lawyers spend less time complaining and more time mentoring effectively.

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