It is Bar Exam Time: E-mail a Friend

Two weeks from today, around the country, newly-graduated lawyers will be taking bar exams. It happens every year at this time.  The ultimate right of passage for all lawyers.

It is a very challenging test, and it is a very stressful time for them.  They know more than they think they do by this time, but they are having trouble sleeping and controlling those vexing dreams.   The bar exam is an all-consuming experience, and some times they forget to eat.  Every minute counts.

I could give them all the encouragement in the world, and I would love to do that.  As a matter of fact, I know a thing or two about bar exams, and I have taken (and fortunately passed) two of them.  But, they will not be reading my encouraging words.  They are using their time wisely to memorize every list, exception and odd fact that the bar examiners can throw at them.  They are concentrating on some issues of state law that they did not study and hardly understand.  They are doing everything they can to keep their cool under fire.  My unread words of encouragement in this blog would be in vane.

But, your words of encouragement are different.  Choose a few close friends, who you know are facing this daunting task, and e-mail or text message them.  Short and sweet and supportive — remember, they do not have much time to read your e-mails either.  Just let them know that you are thinking of them.

So little means so much.

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