Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Are you thankful for being a young woman lawyer today?  You should be. I hope that you are thankful to live in a country where women have the same educational and professional opportunities as men and not in a culture where women are disrespected and are denied those very basic freedoms.

So, as ridiculous as that may sound — on days when the work never ends, when the partner never stops demanding more, when the commute to the job is too long because you cannot yet afford to live closer to your office, and when you begin to wonder “What is a weekend?” — try to remember that being a lawyer is a privilege.  Remember that there was a reason you put up with three years of law school to get to this point.  Remember that you had a goal and that you are on your way to accomplishing it.

Today, stuff yourself with turkey and all the trimmings and take some time to relax and rejuvenate over the holiday. Enjoy your family and as much football as you can tolerate.  Be silly and laugh a lot.  The partner is not watching.

Then, go back to the office on Monday and give it your all.  You ARE getting better at this lawyering stuff.  Stick with it and put yourself in a position to make a difference in a world that definitely could use something different.


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