Follow the Women and Be Thankful

There has not been a lot of good news nationally during 2020. The pandemic, forced isolation, shutdowns and other related economic issues have given us little to smile about and be hopeful.

But now that has changed. Finally, after voting in the presidential election was concluded more than three weeks ago, the transition between administrations is underway, and President-elect Biden has announced a White House staff and cabinet picks reflecting the talent and the power of women.

For the White House, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, will be the Deputy Chief of Staff. Dana Remus will be White House Counsel, and Julie Chavez Rodriguez has been chosen as the Director of the White House Office of Governmental Affairs. And Julissa Reynoso Pantaleon will be the Chief of Staff for Dr. Jill Biden, who rumor has it will continue her teaching responsibilities at Northern Virginia Community College. An awesome First Lady in waiting, who values her work outside the home. Bravo to that!

Picks for the cabinet include: Janet Yellen, former Fed Chair, for Secretary of Treasury; Avril Haines as Director of National Intelligence; and Linda Thomas-Greenfield as Ambassador to the United Nations.

These women, some of whom require Senate confirmation, all represent experience and proven competence. No new-comers to government or dilettantes here. Just good solid hit-the-ground- running women. What we so desperately need after such a long and dry spell.

So, be thankful on this Thanksgiving Day that our national leadership will represent us well — as citizens and as women.

And also be thankful for the vaccine — or three — ready to launch against COVID-19 in a matter of weeks or months. That is huge, and we must give thanks to the medical and research communities for work around the clock administering care to victims of the pandemic and pushing hard for effective treatments and vaccines. We will never forget.

The table at our house will look different this Thanksgiving Day, and that may be true of yours also. Keep the faith and Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! 2021 is shaping up to get us back to our friends and families with strong and lasting memories of what we learned from 2020 about the priorities and values we hold dear.

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