Diversity and Inclusion Matters

Here is an important story about law firms stepping up on the issue of diversity and inclusion:


I am aware that not everyone agrees about the importance of diversity and inclusion and that some of you may feel that you have suffered setbacks as a result of the emphasis those subjects are getting these days. I am not jumping into that discussion. But I want to give recognition where it is appropriate for those firms that are becoming serious about the subject. In this most recent effort at K&L Gates, all lawyers are able to reap a benefit in getting involved and seeking solutions.

I have served on a number of non-profit boards during my career, and the one I give the most time to now is a trust for land conservation. Our goal at the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust (www.nvct.org) is to preserve as much open space as possible to benefit the well-being of our human, animal and plant populations and to combat the effects of climate change. We recognize that we cannot do that effectively if we are not equipped to engage diverse populations in our cause. So that is what we do. Soon I will participate in a training session to make our board and our staff more proficient in our messaging to diverse populations and to engage and include those populations in our important work.

Each of us has the potential to do what we can where we can.

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