Baylor University Law Rocks!

Baylor Law rocks, and I had a great time there last week.  I spoke to law students, law professors, and law school administrators the first day and to accepted and prospective students — and some parents and one dog! — the next day.  Yes, one dog — a really precious dog and NOT a service dog!   That was a first for me.

Both of those appearances were very successful, and the young women law students and prospective law students I met at Baylor were fully engaged in my messages and asked thoughtful and thought-provoking questions.  They stayed around afterwards to talk to me, they shared their own personal stories, they bought books, and some of them even e-mailed me later.  I was particularly impressed by the student panelists, who had insight into their future careers that is not typical of women so young.  It was a pleasure to listen to them and to know that they are the next generation of women lawyers and that they are off to such a great start.

My job is so interesting — and just plain fun — which explains why I fly all over the country doing it.  Flying and driving and and taking trains to some parts of the country where I never have been and know nothing about is worth it every time.  The more young women law students and lawyers I can connect with, the better.  They are the solutions to the low retention rates for women lawyers, and, if Best Friends at the Bar can help improve their choices and make successful and satisfying careers for them more possible, I feel like I am doing my part to create an improved law profession for everyone.  I am not a Queen Bee, and I believe that all seasoned women lawyers have a responsibility to mentor and sponsor young women lawyers to give them the best advantages possible in the profession.  They have special challenges, and they deserve our attention.

It was such a pleasure to meet everyone at Baylor Law and to hear from Baylor Lawyers, who take great pride in their educations and their camaraderie. It was so rewarding to watch the “light bulbs” go off for young women in those audiences.  It was so gratifying to know that these experiences will become part of the foundations for their law careers and will inform their decisions and professionalism throughout their careers.

The Baylor experience is unique.  The underpinnings of that experience are positive personal values, mission and service, and, for me, there are no better words to describe the most significant aspects of a successful and enduring law degree.

For a refresher course about how I view the law profession, read my article, Part 1 and Part 2, on the University of Michigan Career Services web site to learn what I love about the law and what I learned from my Dad.  He could have been a Baylor Lawyer.  Instead, he was a Badger Lawyer (UW Law grad), but the things he respected about a law profession and his high standards for practice and service were indistinguishable from the Baylor experience.  How lucky I was to learn from him.

So, is it any wonder that I loved my time at Baylor Law?  Thanks to all of you at Baylor, who created that for me and who take every opportunity to make positive differences for remarkable young women in the law.  You know who you are …. and so do I …. and I will not forget you!

Go Baylor Law!

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