A Good Message for the New Year


“I succeeded in a man’s world.  I am not afraid to be a woman.”  How about that for the start to a new year where the sky is the limit for us as women?

That is the message that appeared in a photo ad that I did recently for my all-time favorite jeweler.  I. Gorman Jewelers of Washington, DC and the Gorman family have been a part of my life for a long time.  They deal only with cutting edge jewelry designers and artisans from around the world, and their inventory is breathtaking.  I have spent many hours gazing at those jewel-filled cases and wishing I could have it all — or at least one from each case!

But, I was not prepared for the call I got last summer asking me to participate as a model in their new ad campaign.  In a genius manner, they had decided to use several of their own clients, not professional models, to showcase their jewelry.  But, me?  That seemed impossible.  I never had done anything like this before, and my first thought was that it was not for me.

The Gormans can be very convincing, however, and I also saw the benefit of spreading the Best Friends at the Bar message to a larger audience, an audience beyond women lawyers, an audience of all professional women.  My name would not be on the ad, and that was very important to me.  It is the message that is important, and the ad would be as much about the future for women as about drop-dead gorgeous jewelry.

So, I agreed to sit for the photo session, and I had the greatest Cinderella and Queen for a Day experience of my life.  Quite simply, it was a ball!

The ad ran in the November issue of the Washingtonian magazine and on the sides of metro buses in DC throughout the Fall!  I even saw myself on one of those buses, and I nearly stopped traffic in the middle of DC.  My husband chased one of those buses for two blocks to get a photo.  It was fun.

Above is a picture of me at the Washingtonian 50-Year Anniversary Gala in October beside a poster of the ads featuring me and three fantastic and beautiful women.  I am the one in the lower right-hand corner.  The message reads, “I succeeded in a man’s world.  I am not afraid to be a woman.  I wear I. Gorman.”

This is the message of Best Friends at the Bar.  The jewelry is a plus but not  necessary to be a Best Friend at the Bar.  Be confident.  Know your value.  Be proud of being a woman and everything that comes with it.  Have a Personal Definition of Success.

Remember it and know that I will never let you forget it!

Thanks to I. Gorman for an unbelievable and unforgettable experience — and to the photographer Gary Landsman, who definitely knew how to make me look better than my best.  Bravo!



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